Our Mission Statement

Caring for all by sharing God's love.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Vision Statement

1) Worship - We welcome people every week to a dynamic and vibrant Lutheran worship experience that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ through liturgy, word, and sacrament. 

2) Outreach/Service to Community - We are people who know they are called by Christ to reach out to the community by inviting people to worship, sharing our faith with others, and serving the needs of the local community (both physical and spiritual) and through global missions.

3) Discipleship. We provide spiritual growth opportunities to enable people to follow Christ’s call to be disciples to all nations. We are a living church. We welcome all people to build a relationship with Christ.

 Meet our Staff

Pastor Dawn Roucka, Interim
Email: pastor@trinityharvard.org

Ann Almgren - Office Administrator
Email: officeadmin@trinityharvard.org

Darla Ferris - Bookkeeper - Email:  bookkeeper@trinityharvard.org

Pat Reynolds - Administrative Assistant -
Email:  office@trinityharvard.org

Bob Burkart - Maintenance

Pam Camp - Director of Music

Dale Carlson - Church Musician